A Life Economy

A Life Economy explores how we can use the power of our consciousness to create a more beautiful world – the world we want to live in.

Inspired by visionary leaders like Buckminster Fuller, Peter Joseph, Michael Tellinger, Andrew Yang, and John Perkins, it’s all about the people, technologies, and ideas that help us come back into balance with nature.

Topics include:

• New Economies (RBE, UBI, Ubuntu, MMT, Blockchain)
• Conscious Activism (income inequality, predatory capitalism, neoliberalism, American imperialism, globalism)
• Spiritual Technology (meditation, occult, esotericism, magick, qi gong, philosophy)
• Visionary Art & Culture (sacred geometry, psychedelics, shamanism, ancient civilizations, cosmometry, ancient history)
• Hacking Reality (lucid dreaming, synchronicity, OBE, NDE, quantum physics, astral travel, expanding consciousness)
• Optimal Health (Sustainability, biomimcry, permaculture, ayurveda, nootropics)
• Ephemeralization (automation, AI, exponential & immersive technology)